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What Chiropractic Patients Need To Know About Good Posture

“reflexes”How many times did we hear from our parents when we were children to “sit up straight”? Our parents were not telling us to do this merely to keep us from looking like a boiled noodle. Good posture is important for a variety of health reasons as well. It helps us to breathe properly, increases concentration, reduces the risk of neck and back pain and increases our sense of well-being.
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What Reflexes Tell Chiropractic Patients About Their Nervous System

“reflexes”Many of us probably recall our childhood visits to the pediatrician. And some of us might even remember being amused and surprised when the doctor used a little hammer to tap just below our knee and our lower leg jumped in response ALL BY ITSELF!
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How Chiropractic Patients Can Walk Their Way to Fitness

“chiropracticChiropractic patients do not need to join a gym to increase fitness. Walking is one type of exercise that is free and available to anyone possessing a sturdy pair of shoes. It is a low-impact form of exercise that is appropriate for all age groups and levels of fitness. Whether you’ve been a couch potato for years or are the fittest person on your block, walking for 30 minutes a day can provide you with a wide range of health benefits.
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