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Why We Get Shorter As We Age

“gettingIf you’ve ever noticed that the car ahead of you in traffic seems to be driving itself, there’s a good chance that the person driving it is elderly. Shrinking in height as we age is quite normal, and some people start to get shorter starting at about the age of 30. Only about 20% of the population does not noticeably shrink, which is due to a combination of good genetics and a healthy lifestyle.
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What Chiropractic Patients Want To Know About Back Support Belts

“backMany people work in professions that require them to lift heavy objects on a regular basis. Baggage handlers and construction workers, for instance, are increasingly working with the help of a back support belt in the belief that using it can reduce the likelihood of a back injury. In fact, many companies require it of their workers so as to reduce the number of days spent out of work recovering from an injury. But are back support belts really effective? The experts are skeptical.
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How to Relieve Acute Muscle Pain Without Ice

“muscleIf you have ever experienced a strain injury, you know how inconvenient it can be to locate some ice and a bag to put it in so that you can apply it to your injury. After all, not everyone is “lucky” enough to get hurt at home and have a bag of frozen peas on hand when it happens.
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