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Chiropractic is a natural health care that treats patients without any medicine. The idea behind the chiropractic practice is that the body self-healing which is controlled by the brain, nerves and spinal cord. Your nervous system is protected by you spinal cord and when individual vertebrae shift out of place, it effects the rest of the body.

From headaches and back pain to carpal tunnel and allergies, chiropractic care from the skilled staff at Northview Chiropractic is dedicated to using their extensive knowledge to making you healthy again
chiropractic services Laramie, WY

How Your Spines Degenerates

Phase 1

Your spine begins to lose normal balance and there may by loss of a natural spinal curvature. Nerves are possibly affected and the vital life energy that flows over them is interfered with. While there might not be any pain your joints and nerves are becoming stressed and age rapidly. At this phase, significant relief due to spinal care is very good.

Phase 2

The degree of decay increases, bone spurs begin forming, and your posture will continue to get much worse. This phase is common in nearly 80% of men and women age 40. You may even experience the narrowing of the spinal canal or stenosis. Pain is certainly noticeable in the form of aches, fatigue and a diminished ability to handle stress. At this phase, significant relief due to spinal care is possible.

Stage 3

Posture continues to decrease and nerve damage becomes serious. Permanent scar tissue and bone deformation even occur. You will experience physical and mental weakness as well as permanent loss of height and energy. At this phase, some relief due to spinal care is possible.

Stage 4

This stage is the most degenerative. Your posture is at its worst and motion has become limited. Nerve damage and scar tissue is now extremely severe, and bone fusing has now begun. There are various degrees of mental and physical anguish. The damage done is classified as irreversible. At this phase, an reversal due to spinal care is not possible, though chiropractic may give relief of painful symptoms.


Subluxation is what happens when a vertebra is out of position. Your spinal nerves, blood vessels and other muscles are under pressure and stress from the misaligned vertebrae. Once a vertebra is out of place and left untreated, you can begin to go through the phases of degeneration listed above. Northview Chiropractic specialize in the correction of subluxation and treating misalignment. We will restore vertebra to its proper location so your body does not have to suffer painful symptoms.